Citizen Charter

Services provided by this center

S.N. Training Programs Required Educational Qualification Time of Advertisement Selection Process Traing Start & End Program Service & facilities provided Training Location
6 month training programs Information will be published in the evening for the first session and in the push for the second session. The selection process will be as per the decision of this center. For 6 months training, 730 working hours will be conducted annually, first and second in 2 sessions – All training programs will be conducted free of charge.
– Training materials and equipment will be available from the training center.
Center’s buidling and locations as per agreement with NGOs on the recommendation of local level
Motor cycle repair Class 8 passed
Cutting Stitching Class 8 passed
Hairstyling Class 8 passed
Electrical connection Class 8 passed
Plumbing Class 8 passed
Electronics and mobile repair Class 10 passed
2 Training upgrade for one and a half months: – The training can be conducted as per the notice in the office for those who have received training regarding hair makeup.
3 Age required at the time of application:- Older than 16 year and younger than 50 years old and as prescribed in the syllabus.
4 When applying, the required documents to be attached with the application: – One photocopy of educational qualification certificates, Nepalese citizenship certificate and application form with a ticket of Rs. 10/- attached.
5 Selected trainees can submit admission by submitting 2 copies of passport size photo as mentioned in the notice. As per the prevailing act and the policy direction of the province government, trainees who are not in discipline during the training period can be removed from the training at any time.
6 For conducting the training, local bodies and NGOs will have to submit proposals according to the notification of Dhangadhi Kailali, a vocational and skill development training center, for the training to be conducted in the first and second groups.
7 Youth self-employment training for 3 months (390 working hours): – As per demand from local labor market, training will be conducted in 5 districts of Seti zone.
8 45 days of short-term training (225 working hours): – Traditional skills and skills based on vocational training are conducted in all 5 districts of Seti zone depending on demand and requirement.
9 15 days notice will be published in the first / second quarter of the financial year for the conduct of youth self-employment training and short-term training. The Center will conduct the training on its own with local level participation. Training can be conducted in partnership with various NGOs at the local level recommendation.
10 On the basis of the recommendation of the local level and local level willingness for conducting youth self-employment and short-term training, proposal form should be filled out from the commercial and skill development training center of the NGOs.
11 Any complaints can be made to the nodal officer of the center. The final hearing and decision of the complaint or other problem will be from the Head of the Center.
12 Any queries related to the office can be inquired with the information officer. Information Officer: Prakash Bahadur Bohara (Chhetri) Phone No.: 9848421682
13 Vocational & Skill Development Training Center, Bhavan Taranagar, Dhangadhi 5, Kailali Phone No: 091–521154